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How MedAir kills Viruses and Bacteria?

MedAir-99 with its superior technology with artificial intelligence, by using UVC lamp, HEPA filter, Cold Catalyst filter and ion generator, which are effective against Viruses and Bacteria alone, together and in a coordinated manner and it definitively destroys viruses and bacteria. Their mechanisms of action have been answered separately in the ongoing questions.

What is UVC Lamp? What does it do?

Ultraviolet (shortly UV) is the radiation between 10 and 400 nm wavelength. These rays are the rays that reach our world from the sun and are called UVA, UVB and UVC according to their wavelengths. Although UVC is the most dangerous of these rays (253.7 nM), only 1.5% of it can reach our world. These deadly effective UVC rays fulfill an important function in our lives provided that they do not come into direct contact with humans, animals or plants.

Today, all microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics, are vulnerable to UVC rays.

The UVC rays emitted from UVC bulbs damage the DNA structure of the microorganism they encounter within seconds, destroying their ability to reproduce and form colonies and kill them quickly.

What is Hepa filter? What does it do?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter – a highly efficient particle filter and can retain 99.97% of ≥0.3μm particles.

This filter not only cleans the air from viruses, respirable dust, house dust mites, pollen and smoke particles, but also protects the air from asbestos, bacteria, various toxic dusts and aerosols.

Because of this superior virus and bacteria retention, hepa filters are preferred in special departments of hospitals (orthopedic operating rooms, units where immunosuppressed patients are hospitalized).

What is the difference between MedAir and other air purifying devices on the market?

The most important differences of our MedAir Air disinfection devices from the devices sold under the name of other air cleaning devices in the market; The engine, which has a wide impact area (70 m2), superior and silent (20 dB) suction power (500 m3 / H), enables it to be used safely in a manned environment; Zero leakage rate, stylish and elegant design, sensitive and touch control panel using artificial intelligence technology are the main ones.

Can MedAir be used in a human environment?

All of our MedAir brand air cleaning and disinfection devices are manufactured for use in a human environment, have CE certification indicating that they are produced in European standards, and are also ISO certified. It is 100% safe. Apart from MedAir, UVC lamps, which are designed to radiate in the open with the claim that they kill viruses and bacteria, are extremely dangerous to use in a human environment. It has carcinogenic and deadly effects. Therefore, it is suitable for use only for the disinfection of non-human environments, and it is not effective in preventing people from contaminating viruses and bacteria, since they must be closed as soon as people enter the place.

I spray my home and workplace, hotel rooms, elevator, clinic or vehicle. Why should I use MedAir?

It is extremely beneficial and effective to disinfect such spaces with ozone or chemicals specially manufactured for this purpose. However, with this method, you only disinfect the place. With the inclusion of people in the disinfected place, the risk of transmitting it to other people in the environment continues, especially if anyone has the virus. Again, if a vehicle or elevator is disinfected, even if you have removed the risk of people catching viruses from the place, you cannot protect other people who breathe the same air as any virus carrier person who gets on that vehicle. MedAir device is your most effective assistant for instant disinfection of air.

Is there any particular reason why the healthcare community prefers MedAir devices?

The configuration of the MedAir device has been created by evaluating the opinions and needs of very valuable Medical Scientists, each of whom are experts in their field. Our devices configured in this way have been tested by these scientists themselves and produced after obtaining the necessary approval. This is the most important issue that puts the MedAir brand one step ahead in the health community.

Does MedAir provide protection against the major threat radioactive radon gas in homes?

There are harmful gases in indoor air depending on the ambient conditions. Radon, one of these harmful gases that cause pollution of the air inhaled inside the building, is a radioactive element that seriously threatens human health. Most of the radon resources in buildings are the soil and rocks at the foundation of the building, natural gas, drinking water, building materials.

Some studies show that children are more affected by radon than adults, due to their faster breathing and greater physical activity [14, 24].

Your MedAir Air disinfector will protect you from the danger of Radon with its high technology filter system.

Stating that radon gas is generated in homes that are not ventilated regularly, Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Chest Diseases, Prof Dr Meftun Ünsal, states that 15 percent of lung cancer cases are caused by radon gas.

The American Environmental Protection Agency recommends that houses lower than the third floor should be investigated for radon gas.

Is it enough alone that the Air Disinfection device we will buy is large in m2? Why is M3 more important?

Although it is thought that the square meter area mentioned in air purifying devices indicates the cleaning area where the device is effective, this alone is a misleading information. For example, when the technical data of a device introduced in the market with the claim that it cleans up to 70 square meters of space, it is found that it cleans 3 cubic meters of air per minute. In other words, it has the engine power that can only clean 180 cubic meters of air per hour. In this case, when you buy this product with the knowledge that it cleans a room of 70 square meters, you actually get a much more ineffective product than another product that can clean 500 cubic meters of air per hour in 40 square meters. If there are 2 products that express that they clean an equal area of ​​70 m2, among them, the device that cleans more m3 in 1 hour will disinfect the air you breathe faster, and it will reduce the time you are likely to be exposed to bacteria and viruses that can be found in the air 3 times than the other. Since MedAir is equipped with superior and silent technology with an air suction of 500 m3 in 1 hour, it disinfects an area of ​​70 m2 in just 21 minutes, an area of ​​35 m2 in 10 minutes, and an area of ​​20 m2 in 6 minutes.

What is the formaldehyde risk in homes? Does MedAir protect against this harmful gas?

Formaldehyde, which is widely used; It is found in all products such as cigarette smoke, adhesives, kerosene stoves and catalytic, cleaning, cosmetic materials, air fresheners, furniture and decoration materials.

The biggest harm of formaldehyde is that it carries the risk of cancer. Experts stated in their statements that the rate of diffusion of the formaldehyde in the furniture to the air is directly proportional to the humidity, heat and innovation of the furniture. This substance, which harms through chemical inhalation, poses a significant risk for newborn babies. It is necessary to pay attention to newly purchased furniture and decoration materials. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the lung development of babies. Allergy, snoring and sinusitis that disrupt the quality of human life can be shown as examples of the damages of formaldehyde and the diseases it may cause.





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